Making plans for military, college options

I believe that in life I fit in a relatively eccentric category. Now I’m not bragging, but I am merely saying I am different. I have qualities similar to my fellow classmates and friends, yet I feel out of place. I don’t connect with a lot of people in average ways. I am trying to decipher the code to having a normal social relationship with anyone and everyone I meet.

My parents taught me as a young child to reserve my judgment, for I do not know what others’ lives have been like. The few friends that I’ve grown close to accept me, obviously, and I try to see what we have in common, which I may not share with others.

From what I am told, I am not very vocal. I do not express my opinions when it could betray a relationship. My neutrality may be off-putting because I do not have much to say, so people defer from talking to me. Although I am not a people person, I am very outgoing once I find common ground with someone. I also have a tendency to think extremely far into my future: I have many plans and even backup plans to some.

Mind tends toward the military

The best thing for me to do at my age is to find my people skills in school. Academically speaking, I do relatively well and am not worried about it. Talking itself is not the problem, but I don’t have a lot to talk about with anybody. I don’t have a lot of interests in life. My mind seems to be set in finding my place in the U.S. military.

I do have plans to apply for college, though. The Texas school I’d like to get into is Texas A&M, but I prefer to attend the Naval Academy in Maryland. I don’t really enjoy school and am not looking forward to four more years!

Joining the military without college education probably is not the best idea, but I would not mind as long as I could get the job I wanted. I feel that becoming educated would allow me to be more useful in the armed forces, and I could serve until I retired. Recently I took a military qualification test called the ASVAB.

Maybe the Marines

I was called by a Marine recruiter telling me that I scored very well. I was thrilled to hear the great news. He introduced an option for me, which I plan to take up. This upcoming summer I am able to sign up for the Marine’s DEP or Delayed Entry Program. Over the summer I would come to a facility to train physically and take classes teaching me basic knowledge about the Marines. I believe this would be extraordinarily beneficial to my preparation to be a soldier.

Things sort of happen, and you just follow procedures when they come your way. One other thing that I could and should do is to experiment with new things, to see what life is like in ways that are not average and boring. People we read about in our history books typically did not always play life by the book. Risks were taken, and that does not always mean what they did was right, but they took a stand and saw what life has to offer.

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Aaron Blume

Aaron Blume

Birdville High School,
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Hometown: Hurst, Texas

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