Don’t let peers make your decisions for you

As I start the transition for my senior year, I am overwhelmed with excitement and fright. A week ago, my counselor walked in with the senior preregistration paper. I looked at the paper and I was a bit frightened: I did not know what classes I was going to take. I wanted to push for AP but I did not want to be overwhelmed.

My friends told me to do it, but I am glad I could talk it over with my mom and come to the realization that it was my life. Some people take all of high school to come to this realization just as I have, and I am here to help you before you fall into the wrong path.

Friends’ wants vs. what’s best for me

One of my major conflicting moments was going with what my friends pushed for. They all wanted to take AP courses and wanted me to tag along. I kept contemplating on if I should just follow them or go on my own because my schedule can be full throughout the week. On certain days I practice from 7-10 p.m. in Corona, Calif., and make it home at 11. I do not plan on giving up my love, volleyball, or my friends so I have to create a schedule that permits for success with both of them.  

As they say, “Friends come and go during high school,” which is very true. As we move through high school and reach senior year, we can look back and see the people we have lost along the way. That is why it is important to consider yourself first, because in the end all the decisions we make will impact our futures the most.

Valuing communication and counsel

I am also glad that I was able to talk to my mom about difficult situations throughout high school. She also explained the philosophy that it was my future at stake, and I could not allow another person to determine my decisions. My mom always encourages me to do my best, and even if I fall short, she is always there to catch me when I am down.

It is important to have someone to look up to and talk to other than your peers. Speaking with someone of higher knowledge, in my eyes, is key to success. As teenagers, at times we are blinded and think that the world owes us something. I believe it is important to keep a strong relationship with your parents because, for the most part, they will always have your best interest in mind.

Everything that we have experienced throughout high school is preparing us for the final transition, college. Your educational decisions should be based upon what you enjoy or want to do in life. Also, we can be guided by the wise words of adults, not by what the crowd or friends are doing.

“What are your plans after high school?”
I want to get accepted into some of my dream colleges such as Stanford and San Diego State University along with many other schools.


Alexsys Hornsby

Alexsys Hornsby

Rancho Verde High School, Moreno Valley, California
Hometown: Moreno Valley, Calif.