Real Story

Finding My True Purpose As A Marine

From a young age, I felt I had a calling to serve America and its citizens in some way. I always wanted to find my place in life and like a puzzle piece, I knew when I was in the right place it would just fit. I used to have a decent job at a gas pipeline, but after thinking about it I finally gathered enough courage to quit that job and chase my inner calling to serve.

Balance Fun with Future Focus

Every year I always make a checklist for myself, focusing on what I want to accomplish academically, socially, and athletically that year. I believe it has helped me to focus on what is important and what things take priority in my life. Sadly, I have realized in recent weeks that my academics took precedence over a lot of other options in high school. Therefore, my advice to high school students regardless of their grade is to find a balance between fun and seriousness in their lives in order to get the most enjoyment and the best education out of their high school years.

Gap year with City Year program is exciting - and exhausting

All along, my post-secondary plan was to head straight to college after I graduated. The last few months of senior year my plans completely changed, and I became attached to the idea of a gap year. I developed a love for big cities, and New York was on my mind a lot. Living in New York seemed pretty unrealistic for me, but I still dreamed. During the summer, my plans for taking a gap year came together, and I moved to NYC for a year of service with Americorps (City Year) in August!